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Protect Your Home With Speedy Home Security Solutions

One of the most effective ways of deterring burglary, break-ins and theft is to install Security alarm systems for your Home and Business. At Speedy Security we install home security Alarm and CCTV cameras which delivers peace of mind that you need to enjoy your time away without any stress or worry.

8 Reasons Why You Choose Speedy Home Security

We Speedy Home Security understand your needs and know how home security is compulsory for you and your family from outsiders and intruders thats why our price are very competitive.

We are fully qualified and licensed installers and advisers for installation of security equipments.

All of our home security Alarm and Security System products are ISO 9001 Certified backed with 2-5 years manufacturers warranty Depending on the Brand Such As Bosch or Ness

We always consider your home and your family security first when we install home alarm system, for this we put PIRs(Sensors) on the areas where your house is fully protected from any motion or movement when house is alarmed

We have a wide range of high quality Alarm,security products and solutions. we always give the most cost effective and practical solution for your needs.

We have 7 years of experience in the installation and supply of home security systems and products to homes in Melbourne.

We always give honest advise to our customers for the protection of their property, and what security system products will best assist them.

We are client references based company and customers service is our priority and we always make our customers 100% satisfied, that's why we have always 5 star positive feedbacks.

What We Do To Secure You and Your Family


Our Security experts are trusted employees background checked,Police Check, trained and certified who know your neighborhood and take the time to focus on your needs. We Come to your House and Check your needs and discuss with you and make a strategy to protect your home with full home security System Installation.

Home Security Systems

Home Security Alarm System comes with battery backup so your home security alarm will continue to work even if the power goes out due to fallen lines, storms, construction or burglars cutting lines from the outside. Our Home Security Cameras (CCTV) Systems are Full HD and IP systems with HD Quality Live view and Network supported so that you can monitor your home remotely from any where in world.

Custom Solutions

Our home security system is uniquely designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. It is tailored to help ensure your home and family are thoroughly protected. Our home security alarm and home security cameras(CCTV) can be customized to give you access to your security system through any smart device. You can remotely arm, disarm and view real-time video surveillance with the swipe of a finger.

Cameras that Watch 24/7

Add another layer to your home security by installing outdoor cameras. Your Home Security camera will record in HD and notify you if they detect motion when you’re not at home. And, thanks to infrared technology, the cameras are just as useful at night as during the day. Want to check on your home’s exterior while you’re away? View the video using the Smart Phone App.

Speedy Security Alarm and Security Cameras


Let Speedy Home Security experts help you with any of your CCTV Installation services. Our surveillance experts will design the perfect security solution that will protect your house or any business 24/7.Speedy Security install your complete surveillance solution for any type of business, residential or community scenario. HD security camera gives you the mental relaxation when you are out of home or your work places.

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Why we are better from others?

We install and maintain industrial, commercial and residential HD security camera installation service with much more professionalism and great attention. Before installing this equipment, we visit the site which adds no additional charges. All our technical staffs and engineers are fully trained and highly skilled with immense professional knowledge and experience so that they may meet all the required needs of the clients. We always assist our customer at every stage without any charges.

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Reasons To Install Home Security Alarm and CCTV

We know where you live is a beautiful area but unfortunately the crime rate goes more and more now days every where in Melbourne, so As Home Owner this is first necessary step to save you and your family from intruders.

Homes without a security system are nearly three times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. Don’t leave your home and family vulnerable.

Most home burglaries occur when you’re not there. With our full suite of home security systems, you always know what’s going on at home.